As the days continue to get longer and the weather begins to get warmer, now is the perfect time to dive into working on yards and preparing them for the spring and summer months. With social distancing regulations being in place now as well, working on your yard is a great way to get outside and get some fresh air while still maintaining the appropriate distancing measures. Plus, sprucing your yard up may give you a great new outdoor space to spend time while in isolation.

We’ve put together a list of some things that you can do to begin to prep your yard for the sunny, warmer months ahead.

Clear Dead Growth from Flower Beds & Flower Pots

Some of the first new signs of life that will begin to appear in your backyard…

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National sales and new listings were stifled in March, as home buyers and sellers across the country remained on the sidelines in the second half of the month in reaction to healthcare and economic measures to combat COVID-19. 

Although sales crept up 7.8 per cent year-over-year (y-o-y), there was a stark decline in sales compared to February of this year, when the market was gearing up for a busy spring season. Compared to last month, home sales fell 14.3 per cent nationally, with declines experienced across major markets across the country. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) saw the largest month-over-month (m-o-m) decline of 20.3 per cent, followed by Montreal (-13.3 per cent) and the Greater Vancouver Area (-2.9 per cent).

National home…

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With technology always on hand and information literally at their fingertips, the hyper-connected Millennial generation has taken a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to consumables, including everything from products and services, to purchases of every kind – including real estate. Generation Y might as well be called Generation DIY. The appeal in DIY lies in the flexibility, customization and let’s face it, the cost-effectiveness. As a consumer, job one is educating yourself, weighing your options, and making an informed decision. When it comes to real estate, an FSBO could be the right decision for those who want to save the commission fee and take the reins when it comes to all aspects of their transaction. But buyer and seller beware –…

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  • View Larger Imagemortgage deferral agreement being signed

The mortgage deferral is among a number of recently announced relief measures geared to assist Canadians who are feeling the financial impact of COVID-19. With many industries and businesses suffering a serious slow-down, if not a complete dead stop, Canada’s big banks released an announcement two weeks ago offering mortgage payment deferrals of up to six months, to help carry homeowners through this difficult time. The program has certainly appealed to many Canadians.

What are the banks are saying?

“Bank of Montreal, CIBC, National Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Bank have made a commitment to work with personal and small business banking customers on a case‑by‑case…

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