How hot is the Canadian real estate market right now? It is skyrocketing so much that the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is projecting that the housing market is poised to post record highs again this year. According to the association, more than 700,000 properties will change hands in 2021, up from 551,262 last year. The national average home price will surge by an annualised rate of 16.5 per cent to $665,000 this year. All this is because demand is exceeding supply at a record-breaking pace.

But will this strength continue in 2022? CREA believes that the Canadian real estate market will be beginning to cool down next year, with 614,000 transactions and prices coming in below $680,000.

“At this point everyone…

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The kitchen is the #1 place in the home that people flock to. Maybe it’s the smells bringing back fond memories of home cooking, or just the fact that it’s where food is and we all love to eat! Whatever the reason, the kitchen is the place to be, but it can get crowded quite quickly. Here are some great ways to keep your storage smart, and your kitchen looking smarter.

1. Turn Your Walls Into Storage

This is at the top of the list as it’s probably the most accessible and impactful addition you can make to your kitchen space. Regardless of the width or height of wall space you have, there are tons of options to turn them into storage havens. Simple shelves can work in a pinch for storing essentials, or you can make it more niche by fastening a…

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Moving is a task that requires a big budget and a high level of organization. It will also require a lot of your time – whether that’s planning the move, packing your belongings, or the administrative tasks that come with it. While hiring a moving company can help you with time and stress, it can be costly. To help you decide what option is best for you based on your current situation, here are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a moving company versus renting a moving truck.

What You Need To Know About Moving Truck Rentals

  • Moving truck rentals are affordable. You are in charge of doing the driving and the moving labor by yourself unless you choose to hire extra help or ask friends and family for assistance. 
  • Many truck rental…

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