Tips for Single Home Buyers

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times of your life, however, it can be extremely daunting for individuals looking to make the biggest purchase of your life. Buying a home as a single person can be intimidating, but we have some smart tips for single home buyers that will make the process much smoother.

With home prices across Canada rising at a fever pitch, entering the housing market as a solo act can carry more stress from a financial perspective than if you were going in with another person. However, each scenario has distinct advantages. For example, as a single you don’t have to consider another person’s needs and wants when it comes to finding your dream home. This means less compromising. If you work…

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spring checklist for homeowners

With spring swirling in the air, it’s as if all of humanity has been brought back to life. For many, the start of the spring season means that it’s time to do a significant clean around the house. After months of being cooped up inside, practically everyone is looking forward to getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. While it is common for people to purge their unneeded, unwanted clutter at the end of winter, things often get forgotten. Here are eight important things that should be included on every homeowner’s spring checklist this year.

Examine the Roof

During the winter months, the roof of your home takes a beating. After months of heavy snowfalls, wind storms and ice build-up, your roof shingles…

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Outdoor Home Improvements

Canada has two seasons: winter, and renovation season. With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor renovation and home improvement projects to plug away on, before winter rolls around again. Whether it’s the front yard or the backyard, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of easy and affordable projects that you can tackle that will boost your home’s curb appeal and help it stand out in your neighbourhood. Here are eight easy outdoor home improvements to consider that will create a more welcoming space for guests and will have you enjoying the great outdoors throughout the spring and summer, and beyond!

1. Give Your Front Door a Makeover

Let’s start with the focal point of…

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Why is housing supply so low_construction

There is no other way to sugar-coat what is happening in Canada’s housing market: The nation is facing a severe supply shortage. Why is housing supply so low?

Current market conditions, be it record-low inventories or strengthening demand, have sparked a housing affordability crisis. With interest rates on the rise and an inevitable increase in the mortgage stress test, buying a home within typical Canadian incomes and budgets will become more difficult this year, and potential into the foreseeable future.

But while factors such as historically low-interest rates and pandemic-era pent-up savings have contributed to the current housing frenzy, the fundamental principle of supply and demand has been the chief component in today’s real…

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A recent report from the Canadia Real Estate Association (CREA) revealed that two-thirds of the nation’s housing markets are slanted in favour of sellers. With supply failing to keep up with demand, this could be the top trend for the foreseeable future.

For years, housing development has been tepid, resulting in supply falling short of demand levels. This imbalance might be more intense in more-populous markets such as Toronto and Vancouver, but this trend is prevalent throughout Canada, leading to accelerating home prices.

Under current conditions, sellers who bought even five years ago would benefit from this tight housing market. Here’s how sellers win when housing inventory is low.

How Sellers Win When Housing Inventory Is Low


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